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Horror related news, reviews, and discussions

it another shallow grave episode, we give you our list for movies to have in a quarantine. 

In this rerun of our latest live episode, we talk about movies about viruses, outbreaks, and how we are dealing with COVID-19

This is a replay of our Friday The 13th Live show

This week the guys talk about the movie Prison, and Carey opens a mystery box from Full Moon Entertainment 

This is a replay of our latest live episode 

This week the guys talk about Plank Face, Carey gives you his Tales From Tubi, and Mr. Poe goes to the movies.

This week Carey, and Mr. Poe sat down with Whitney Causey Benson to talk about her upcoming film Red Summer Massacre, Witchcraft, and modeling for BloodyGOREgeous.

Red Summer Massacre

BloodyGOREgeous Facebook 


The guys talk about Midsommar, they also discuss the new Batman, CW's Crisis Crossover, and how Billy cheated death. 

This week Carey and Mr Poe sat down with Dave, Amber, and Michael to talk about their current Indiegogo campaign for the upcoming horror film Bloody Summer Camp.





 This week Mr Poe and Carey struggle to get through Billy's pick with out him. They also talk about upcoming films

Bloody Summer Camp Bloody Summer Camp Indiegogo

Red Summer Massacre

Strix Strix indiegogo

Mr Poe will be attending Cult Classic Convention in Feb

The whole gang will be at Fear Fest WV in August 


Our new website 1313inc

This week the guys talk about Pigster.

Its the  New Years episode the guys cant remember when movies came out, Carey was really tired, and they created some monsters.






A Little Faith - Bitter Suite by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


In our Christmas episode It's Garbage Day!

This week its Jack Brooks Demon Slayer

This weeks episode is a rerun of our live show from Friday.

In our Thanksgiving episode we discus Blood Rage, Mr. Poe gives us headlines from Weekly World News, and in a new segment I give you a movie that I found on Tubi Tv.

Scott Schirmer

Blood & Gourd


It's our 50th episode, and the first Shallow Grave episode, a more laid back episode where any thing goes, we welcomed special guest an fiend of the show William Von Grimm form The Poe and Grimm Podcast.

The topics we buried this week are 

Sideshow is a Full Moon Feature that you can catch on Tubi Tv

Stranded is an awesome Bigfoot film that is currently running an Indiegogo campaign.

Butchers Bluff

Bloody Summer Camp

Doctor Sleep


B-Movie Tv

Full Moon entertainment

Creep Show

Black Christmas 2019

This week we have and accidental VS. episode, because Mr. Poe watched the wrong movie.

This week we go to the Doom Asylum.



In our last episode of October we finish the month with 1982's Halloween 3, and we also give you a brief history of Halloween and Trick or Treat, with some of our favorite memory from our child hood


History of Halloween

IMDB Trivia

 The Renfields

This week the guys talk about Slumber Party Massacre 2, and we give you some projects that you can back.

Night of the Devil Indiegogo

Trick Trailer

Butchers Bluff Indiegogo

Stranded Indiegogo



This week Mr. Poe, and Carey talk about Re-Animator they also discuss the first two episodes of Creepshow, a real life monster, and they create their own. We have 2 indiegogo campaigns to tell you about.

STRANDED is an action packed, survival of the fittest Creature Feature! Filled with suspense, horror and 100% practical gore FX and stunts, this film will deliver a new level of terror!


In 1993, New Line released their first entry into the Friday the 13th franchise after purchasing the character Jason Voorhees from Paramount. In a historic and unorthodox move, the studio decided to allow 23 year old first-time director Adam Marcus to helm the film. What followed was the most controversial installment in the horror genre's biggest franchise, and fans were wildly divided in their response and remain so a quarter century later. This is the story of that film

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This week Billy and Carey talk about Tales of Halloween.

This week the guys give you our recommended movie to get you in that Halloween/Fall mood, and we have a few laughs along the way.

This week Mr. Poe and Carey talk at length about the Anti Super Hero film Brightburn, and on a sad note we recorded this episode before the passing of Sid Haig, and we talk about how he was doing better than previously reported, so with that being said I am going dedicate this episode to Sid Haig RIP Capt'n. 

Carey and Billy talk about IT Chapter 2

This week the guys cover some news stories, and discuss 2019's The Hole in the Ground, and oh yeah it was the show's 1 year anniversary. 

This week, the guys talk about 2014's Lake Nowhere 

This week Mr Poe form The Poe and Grimm Podcast joins us to discuss 1983's Mausoleum.

This week Carey and Billy talk about the end of The Walking Dead comic, Carey can't remember what character Lizzy Caplan is playing in Castle Rock season 2, and then they discuss Demon Wind. 

Amazon Prime recommended a movie called Demon Resurrection, and after I watched it, I got in touch with the writer/director William Hopkins and invited him on to talk about the film. 

Links to the film and all of the social media accounts.

Demon Resurrection on Amazon Prime:

Demon Resurrection on VHX (high-quality streaming with all supplementary materials included):

Demon Resurrection official site:

Demon Resurrection original standard definition DVD:

Demon Resurrection YouTube channel:

My blog:

Various Twitter accounts:

Carey and Billy go back to summer camp this week they review The Final Girls.

This we talk about Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, and in the News we cover the cancellation of Swamp Thing after one the first episode released. Doctor Sleep is the follow up to The Shining, but is it focused on the book by Stephen King, or the movie from Stanley Kubrick. Rob Zombies new film 3 From Hell has a trailer. The Blair Witch is back in a new video game, and finally there is a new social network platform for horror lovers The Slasher App get it now on Android, and Apple.

This week we talk about 1989's C.H.U.D 2.

On this special episode I sat down and talk to Writer, Director, and Star of "Cherokee Creek", Todd Jenkins.

Cherokee Creek Blu-Ray

Cherokee Creek on Twitter

This week Carey and Billy discuss new trailers for Terminator Dark Fate, Swamp Thing and on Netflix a movie titled The Perfection. We are excited about the news of a new Mortal Kombat film from Director James Wan, and there is a new social network app made just for fans of horror called Slasher.

We are back, and we are talking about Halloween(2018) and i give mini reviews of Suspiria and Cherokee Creek.

Carey and Billy talk about Evil Dead 2

Carey, Eric, and guest Cory discuss The Blair Witch Project.

Ep 26 IT

This week Billy and Carey talk about IT.

We were joined this week by our good friends over at The Poe & Grimm Podcast to discuss our thoughts on 2016's The Void.

Poe & Grimm on Facebook

Poe & Grimm Twitter 

Poe & Grimm Podbean 

In this weeks episode we talked about the film Don't Kill It, and we were join by William Von Grimm co host of The Poe & Grimm Podcast.

Don't Kill It is currently available on Netflix.

Poe & Grimm


We wrap up Found Footage February, with a general discussion of found footage films.



Horror Nights in Podcast

Crystal's Twitter @HorrorDaddysRUs  

In our 3rd installment of Found Footage February, we discuss 2015's Hell House llc. 

It doesn't take long before this one goes off the rails, and we talk about robots in stores, Maximum Overdrive, and we create a new creature for Asylum Films. 


Eric also announces his new podcast, Beards and Brews


We have a new theme song credit to 



It's our second installment of Found Footage February, we discuss 2013's Afflicted, a really good twist on the found footage sub-genre.

Be sure to check the campaign for the new feature form Rising Fire Films, "Ed and the Living Dead" Idiegogo

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And you can find our new Podcast Network here 1313inc 

On this weeks episode we talk about what could be the worst movie we have covered to date, yes worse that Terror Vision. 

IMDB Americas Deadliest Home Videos



TUCSON, ARIZONA, January 31, 2019—Arizona-based filmmakers Brandy Mason and Tim Fattig today announced the launch of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming horror/comedy film Ed and the Living Dead, a violent, darkly funny zombie tale set in the summer of 1959 and featuring the “world’s worst filmmaker,” Edward D. Wood, Jr. (Plan 9 From Outer Space, Glen or Glenda).

“The zombie film is an incredibly durable sub-genre, but sometimes it needs a little twist to be really engaging,” said producer/director Mason (a horror veteran with more than thirty credits, among them Don’t Fuck in the Woods and its upcoming sequel, WrestleMassacre, and Rednecks) . “Dropping iconic figures like Ed Wood and Criswell into the mix and setting the film in the 1950s instantly changes what the audience will expect from the story.”

Ed and the Living Dead features a fantastic cast of established and rising stars from the horror world. Jason Crowe (Volumes of Blood, The Bad Man) stars as the high-strung director Ed Wood, while David E. McMahon (American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon, Bonehill Road) plays Wood’s long-suffering film producer George Weiss. Also starring in this much-anticipated zomb-edy: Angela Pritchett (Steve: Death Collector, Partners); Vida Ghaffari (Holy Terror, RoboWoman), Kaylee Williams (Mrs. Claus, Ahockalypse),
Charles Chudabala (Escape From Ensenada, Ugly Sweater Party), Ryan Brewer (Larry and the Monsters, Never Been to Graceland), Julie Anne Prescott (Clown Motel: Spirits Arise, Meathook Massacre 4), Brett DeJager (director of Bonejangles and Cryptids), Mindy Gilkerson (The Second Coming, Art of the Dead), Nick Payne (All Eyez on Me, Kickboxer: Retaliation), and Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, Starry Eyes).
Acclaimed musician and film composer Rocky Gray (The Barn, 10/31) will be providing the film’s score. Illustrator William Skaar (Heavy Metal, Deanna of the Dead) designed the teaser poster for the film.

Ed and the Living Dead indiegogo




Tee Public Store


In this weeks episode we talk about Peter Jackson's 1987 "Bad Taste". 

We also give our thoughts on some of the Oscar picks, and we get a little nostalgia over video games.


The population of a small town disappears and is replaced by aliens that chase human flesh for their intergalactic fast-food chain.




Facebook Group



On our 18th episode we talk about 1986's Terror Vision. One of us loved it and 2 hated it, find out who the outcast was. We were also hunted by a strange knocking noise through out the ep. stay to the end to see if we solve the mystery, and we have an idea that Tom Cruise might listen to our show.


In this latest episode we talk about 1986's Chopping Mall.

Eight teenagers are trapped after hours in a high-tech shopping mall and pursued by three murderous security robots out of control.

Director: Jim Wynorski

Writers: Jim Wynorski, Steve Mitchell

Stars: Kelli Maroney, Tony O'Dell, Russell Todd





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